Atv Graphics Kit And Fitness Of Your Vehicle

All-Terrain Vehicles are meant for fun and adventure. If you love going on adventures then an ATV is the vehicle you should. It goes through jungles, goes up a rough hill, or down the sand in a sea beach or even a desert, if you have one around. However ways you might use your ATV, there has to be few specific maintenance done to this vehicle in a scheduled order just like any other vehicle, or your ATV could just simply stop working!

Apart from the maintenance part, people who want to beautify their quad bikes, may look around for ATV graphics kits around the stores. They are typically available where motorbike graphics are sold, and in online stores of course.

Here’s a few maintenance tips for your ATV.

  • Regular Checkup of the Air Filter

Unlike regular vehicles, the air filter takes a great amount of wrath when you take your ATV to dusty or muddy terrains. The air filter might get jammed or clogged if you don’t clean it often, especially after you take your ATV off-road. After every session of your adventurous off-roading, make sure you inspect the air filter and replace, if necessary.

  • Engine Oil Check & Replace

Since the ATVs are basically made for off-roading, the engine on these vehicles have higher revolution per minute. And for this reason, synthetic engine is required for the lubrication of the engine. Every quad bike manufacturer will define the type of engine oil they expect the user to pour in, and it should be mentioned in some documentation. If you can’t find any reference, at least refer to the manufacturer’s website or ask some repair shop. Always use the recommended type of lubricant for your ATV.

  • Condensation

So if you run into wet and muddy surfaces on your ATV a lot, then curb condensation is a fact you must take care about. The front differential on your vehicle is probably splashed into water a lot, and this would make the internals to get condensed due to heat inside, and water outside. If this keeps happening on a continuous basis, then the internals could break and the engine may fail.

Care for ATV Graphics

The care for ATV graphics isn’t complicated, but you have to do the after-ride care properly. For example, after an intense riding session through mud, clean every individual parts of the graphics very carefully. Refer to your ATV graphics kit user manual for instructions, most ATV graphics allow washing with normal water and soft clothes.


Following these little tips, you can keep your ATV in shape for long.

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