Benefits Of Hiring Employment Agency

An employment agency has the sole objective of matching an employer’s job requirements with the skills and qualifications of a job seeking candidate.

The employment agencies have gained sudden popularity in the last few decades. This is due to their various advantages both to the employer or the company and also to the job seeking candidate. Popularly also known as the offre d’emploi pôle emploi, it has the following benefits-

  • Both the employer and the candidate get what they have been looking for- a qualified candidate for the employer and a suitable company for the job seeker.
  • The job seeker does not have to make any outstanding efforts to look for a suitable job. He also gets the services free of cost.

They work well together as a team

  • An employer or the company does not have to incur expenses of advertising a job opening, screening a number of candidates and then hiring them. The same job is done by the agencies for a reasonable cost settled between the two in advance.
  • The employment agencies have their presence in almost all industries.
  • They assist in hiring the candidates at all the levels of career, be it initial entry level or a senior position.
  • They help to provide any kind of job- temporary or permanent.

Employment Agency- the services:

The services of an employment agency can be broadly classified as-

  1. Recruiting services-

The agencies help to identify jobs that are permanent and full time. Under these services, the agency shortlists, interviews, screens the candidates and refers them to the company or the employer.

Such services are very beneficial for both the employer and the candidate since they get what they want and that too without much of a trouble.

  1. Staffing services-

Under these services, the agency helps the candidate get a temporary or a short term job that is generally contractual in nature. With the end of the task assigned, the job ends and the agency helps in looking for another temporary job. Working for temporary or short term jobs has its own benefits.


It helps the candidate get experience in the initial years of his service, it helps in building contacts with the potential employers, build skills and get trained for the future jobs. It is a wise option to earn money and meanwhile, look for better job prospects.

And there is always a chance that the employer hires the candidate full time in case his performance is satisfactory.

Some myths associated with Employment agencies:

  • The most popular myth is that the agencies charge the job seeker or the candidate for registering with them. Actually, it is the company that pays the agencies to look for the suitable candidates to fill their job openings. The candidates pay nothing.
  • Employment agencies are not successful in finding a long term or a permanent job.
  • Getting registered with the agencies is enough and it is not necessary to keep an eye on the other resources for employment.
  • Employment agencies do not have jobs for all the industries.

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