Buying A Lol Account

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is in no way cheating. You’re just going to buy an established LoL account; you’re not going to hack their database or anything like that. If you think that it’s cheating because the buyers didn’t start from scratch, it’s not because it’s an advantage much like when you buy runes or other rare stuff offered. It’s not how you start as long as you finish strong, the buyers of ranking accounts still need to continue improving the account; they can’t expect it to be okay when they just let the account be, the whole essence of the game involves ranks.

Buying and selling an account in League of Legends is far from new, accounts from other games are also available online and they use the same procedures. Let’s admit it, it’s not fun being at the bottom of the ranks and it even gets frustrating at times; winning is always fun no matter how much you may deny it. In case you’re interested in owning one of the said accounts, first thing you have to do is look for the trustworthy website; we’re talking about hard earned money here so we have just the one.


Unranked Smurfs

Unranked Smurfs is one of the top website to of League of Legend accounts, not to mention one of the very few to offer a lifetime guarantee for your purchase. They take each and every customer satisfaction seriously; you can even see it in their various reviews. All payments are secured by PayPal, so you won’t have to worry about being scammed for your money.

Regarding their offered lifetime guarantee, it’s quite easy really and here’s how it goes: in case the League of Legends account you bought from them become banned because of any fault, may it be theirs or yours, they will instantly provide you with a brand new account to replace the one that got banned for no charge at all.


For those of you who are eager to play ranked matches, once you successfully purchase one of their account they you can start playing. One of the requirements is to have a minimum of 16 champions in your account before being allowed in the ranked play. Don’t worry, all the account they offer contain enough IP to purchase the minimum 16 champions; so just purchase them and start the play. They also offer Special LoL accounts, these accounts contain more than 30 unlocked champions but they don’t contain any IP or RP whatsoever.

As of now, they only accept payments through PayPal when purchasing LoL accounts; PayPal is the safest and most secure mode for customers and buyers out there. Also, since they use PayPal, you can pay using any currency besides the USD amount that’s displayed with each available LoL account. The job of converting the currency is left to PayPal, you can purchase an account no matter where you are in the world without worrying about the account or the money’s security.

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