Can You Predict The Euro Winner ?

“May the odds be in your favor”, one of the most iconic lines of the Hunger Games movie series but will they be in your favor when you put your money on your favored team to win the coveted Euro Championships. Like in my case I got my predictions right when the Spaniards won it the last time but who are you predicting will win the Euros this time . There is a 1/24 chance of your team coming out on top . Yes you guessed it right , what I’m trying to say is that every team has an equal opportunity to win no matter who they are especially after what Leicester City did in the English Premier League.

I know a lot of us will be putting our money on the Germans after how they dominated in the World Cup to destroy the hosts and other teams formidably . Some of us might even be predicting the Spanish National team to win the competition two times in a row . They process a lot of individual star power that might help them in becoming the best in Europe again or will the Three Lions finally win their maiden European Championships . It could even be the Italians under the dynamic Conte or Portugal with the motivation of Cristiano Ronaldo, are destined to take top honors .

Maybe it could be one of the underdogs like Ukraine , Croatia , Switzerland , Wales , Slovakia  with individual stars , outperform themselves and become the best team in Europe .

Like I said it could be anyone and they say that this is the year of the underdogs . So hold on to your seats and keep your prediksi bola well calculated because you are about to get shocked with some mind blowing Football . Is your heart ready for it ?

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