Creating Brand Image Using Blogs

A business battle is half won if you can get into the clients’ minds and impress them with what you have to offer. The idea is to promote your brand by creating such a spectacular brand image that your clients won’t be able to ignore you for long. There are several tools one can make use of to create and promote their own brand. However, in today’s world where social media has become so rampant, one tool emerges as the clear winner – a blog.

Maintaining a blog is easy and cheap. It promotes your business like nothing else, and all through timely intelligent posts which easily capture the imaginations of the public and make your brand name stays in their minds for long. Blogs hosted on free sites don’t get as much visibility as the self-hosted ones get. And this is true not just for a business brand. You can be anything – a golfer, a police chief, an SEO expert, anything. All it requires is for you to be able to share your knowledge with the outside world.


Here’s a guide as to how you can maintain your blog:

  • Blogs should be fully customizable, and that is possible only when they are self-hosted. You can put whatever you want wherever you want it, at any point of time. You won’t be restricted by any rules.
  • Set up your blog with SEO, so that it readily shows up in Google search results. While posting links in social media works, however that is not a long-term solution. The target is to stay at the first page of search results.
  • Your blog’s readers should be able to subscribe easily. There should be several options where readers will get the option of doing so.
  • Contents should be shareable too. That is how the traffic is directed to your site, and the number of eyeballs increases. You can take the help of a lot of plugins to be able to do so.


  • Be available to the readers in some way or the other. The readers should be able to contact, in any way should they want to. You should pay heed to their feedback as and when you receive any.

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