Different Kinds Of Hamster Cages According To Material

Hamsters are a popular choice for pets because they are relatively easy to take care of, don’t take up too much space, are child-friendly, and are also very cute and fun to look at. When it comes to raising hamsters, one of the things you must have is most definitely a cage. The reason for this is simply because hamsters could get lost easily, given how small they actually are. Just to give you a guide, http://hamstercageguide.com/ is here. The following are the common kinds of hamster cages:



Aquarium cages are made of glass and pretty much work like fish aquariums. They could also be made of plastic. This is the least chosen type, despite being common and widely available, and the reason for this is simply because they feel surrounded, as there are not many ways to modify glass aquariums. Furthermore, it would be a serious threat to the Hamster’s safety should the glass break all of a sudden.


Wire cages are made of thin metals, and offer the best value for your money. Out of all the types of cages, these provide the most security, as they cannot be simply chewed up by the hamsters. Stainless steel wired cages, moreover, are durable and could last for years. It could also be used for other animals apart from hamsters as well.



This is the most common kind you see, and it is because it is popular among the kids, as plastic cages are highly modifiable, and are often colourful and attractive to the eyes. They are also equipped with several equipment for the hamsters to have fun in, such as wheels and tubes. The only disadvantage of plastic cages is that they could easily be chewed up by the hamsters.

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