Download Games Which Are Well Known For The Classes

People like playing games to spend time and get some refreshment. There was the generation where there were few children grouping and playing physically but now the technology has raised such that you can play role games on your personal computers which will have the same impact of gaming just like physical. Many children fond of playing the best available games for personal computers and mobiles. The many best juegos descargar available in the market for pc. Games gives as some relaxation and provide fresh and active ness to brain.

Some of the most popular games available in the market are

EA cricket:

The most cricket is the world most highly rated free download game for cricket. The EA cricket games is a package of video games for cricket published by EA sports to the game designed in many platforms such as play station plat form 2 and Microsoft windows. Till date 8 different types of series have been released. The current version of the game is cricket 07 which is the most played game especially in the cricket playing nations. It consists of single player mode and multi-player mode with easy controller designs.

The first series was released in 1996 and it is named as cricket 96. It was developed by beam software’s and it was taken into market by EA sports. And the current version of this game series cricket 07 which was developed by the HD series and was produced by the EA sports. The game available for both PlayStation and windows. It was first released in the United kingdoms and then in Australia in November 2006. The ashes urn in the series makes the player felt like playing the real time cricket which attracts many people.

EA cricket 07 consists of variety of the cricket games such as the limited overs game and the test series and also the ashes urn game which is the best revivals between the England and Australia. We can play the limited over games with like 10 over per side matches, 20 overs per side and 50 overs per side and the 5 days test match.It allows the players to select the different whether conditions and different pitches in including the international best cricketing pitch lords. EA cricket update the easy controller resign and easy stroke play.

But there are many things to concern which makes it bad. The updates for the game is released with the huge gaps between one version and another. The graphics are too old need to update and controller resigns is somewhat difficult.

Zombie Apocalypse:

Zombie apocalypse is one of the best download games for pc. Because of the huge disaster the most of the people became zombies and they kill and eat the normal man. The normal people are hide in the shelters. The zombies come to attack the shelters all you need is to protect the shelter by using the different arsenal weapons and upgrade them as your wish. You can improve the barrier at the entrance and also create the towers with machine guns which are used to destroy the zombie crowd. All you need is to project the shelter of the survivals. This is actually designed with the inspiration from famous Zombie movies and serial series.

The main features of the game is it consists 45 levels and 4 categories of updates for shelter and 4 categories of weapons and upgrades and 7 type of zombie enemies. Scary sound effects and crazy atmospheric music adds extra attire to the game. So download this crazy app and start playing now. The game is just 74 MB and it is available for windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. You can easily download the game from the one game site called the Game Top.


Chess game free available download games available for both pc and mobile devices from different sites. It is one of the best two players who needs put their different skills and strategies to win. It is one best brain sharper game. All you need to win the chess game is a famous proverb called TIT FOR TAT.  It has both single and double player mode.  In single player mode to need play against the computer device and in double player you can compute with your friends. The best features of the pc game makes us feel like the real time game experience. It provides hints which will helps us to think us in a different ways and mainly help us to learn. The game makes us think more and improve our concentration levels. So it is always recommended to play the chess game.

The features of the game include the relaxing soundtrack and with an excellent graphics, latest chess game engine. You can easily download it from many gaming sites. Game Top provides the free download of the chess game and with game size of just 16 MB and different windows OS like windows vista, windows XP, windows 7 8, and 10.


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