Friv – A Paradise For Flash Gamers

Online flash games have always been popular among internet users. So much so that there are plenty of dedicated websites that offer tons of fun- online flash games. And rightfully so, flash games strike all the correct boxes. They are fun to play, easily available and do not require powerful hardware. Compared to the regular PC games, which are expensive to buy, need powerful hardware and supporting PCs, flash games often seem much more viable. Naturally, these games are often free to play. So this is an added advantage.

Casual Gaming

Also, since flash games are easy to create, there are almost too many flash games available on the internet. They can be created as long as the creator can imagine new themes and settings for the game. Make no mistake, the wide availability of flash games does not mean in any way that they lack in the story, gameplay or any other gaming aspect. But surely, no one expects a flash game to compete with regular games. And so they serve their purpose. Flash games are intended for casual gaming. Users can play any number of games without investing in them, nor do they need to continue playing the same games. They can simply move on to newer titles.

The Rise of Flash Games

The immense popularity of flash games also means that there are various websites hosting these games. There are many dedicated websites for flash games and many others which are not specialised but still offer games. These websites have tried various methods over the years to attract new users. Among the most successful ones are the incorporation of social media into games, or the other way round and the ranking system for players. While both are self-explanatory and pretty basic features today, they were not so obvious before their launch. Ranking system for games on the websites allow for competition among the users for top ranks and other stats. This allows users to play more and hence the websites get regular and loyal users. Incorporating social media elements in some cases and incorporating flash games on social media platforms in others have both led to a much larger user base for games. This allows users to directly compete with their real life friends. This also means more users are compelled to try the flash games and hence the website gets more users.

No Sign-ups required

Talking about dedicated online flash gaming websites, friv is definitely one of the more popular websites. Friv is a free online games website that offers immensely varying games which are easy to play and mostly casual. Their catalogues keep on growing continuously with new titles being added frequently. As the website is free, users can try any number of games anytime and anywhere. Friv does not require users to sign up or register to enjoy their immense collections. The games are simple yet addictive and hence a pleasurable way to spend time.

Content for all Age Groups

The website has simple user interface and navigating across the site is as easy as can be. The games are properly classified into different categories like racing, action, shooting, puzzles, sports and strategies among others. The website also offers games specifically for kids which are especially intuitive and also help kids academically. Apart from kids, the website is also popular among all age groups of users including youngsters and adults. All the games are flash based and hence require you to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Apart from this, there are no requirements whatsoever barring internet of course.

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