Fun, Frolic And Escape

Games that use mental prowess entice many. Playing such games gives the mental machinery the required exercise for optimal functioning. Escape rooms is one such place where you can expose yourself to challenges that test your thinking and reasoning among other abilities. The concept of the escape room is that a team of players enter a room and are given a set of challenges. The room is locked and can be only opened after all the challenges are solved. There are now thousands of escape rooms worldwide and estimated revenue generated is £10m per year. They have expanded rapidly.

Escape rooms have become popular that one of the highly rated American TV show, The Big Bang Theory, has an episode where the main artists visit an escape room following which hilarious incidents happen. Some popular shows based on the concept of escape room are Legends of the Hidden temple and Are You Afraid of the Dark. Corporate companies always stress on teams rather than individuals. They are known to use escape room activity to foster trust and strengthen bonds of a team. Escape rooms that can be used as team building Singapore are Xcape Singapore and Escape Hunt.

Escape-room businesses are also going mobile. The time given to escape from the room is generally one hour. The first international conference for escape room owners took place in Amsterdam this month, at which participants shared ideas and celebrated what the organizers called “one of the fastest-growing entertainment trends since the rise of cinema”. A great escape game is like seeing a magic show where you are challenged to be the magician with no instructions on how to perform. All in all escape rooms are an immersive experience and is a fun and worthwhile activity to engage in. So, can you escape before time runs out?

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