Hair Follicle Drug Test

People have a myth about Hair follicle drug test. It is actually a very simple test done on a person in which a portion of a hair is taken from the back of the head of a person without spoiling the haircut. One thing we should remember all other drugs should be stopped for two months while taking the drug test. The head hair test can last till 90 days. If the person’s head hair is short they can have their body hair tested. Body hair test can go up to 180 to 360 days. But the results are not recorded very accurately because the identity of the person cannot be traced and results may vary from a person according to his body type.


You have got a very good job opportunity and you need to pass hair follicle drug test. The hair follicle test is usually done to find out illegal consumption of drugs when a person is employed for a purpose; for example, a person participating in the Olympic game as a runner or swimmer. The Hair follicle drug test maintains the drug longer than the blood or urine test. The reason a hair follicle test is much better and it works because your hair needs blood to grow, it gets the blood through the root of the hair follicle. The common names of drugs used are:


  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Opiates
  • Codeline
  • Amphetamines

There are some ways you can pass a hair follicle test successfully in some practical ways:

  • A normal 1.5 inches hair strand from the head is cut for a 90-day hair follicle drug test. Some tests involve shaving the whole body.
  • Clear Choice
  • Zydot

When the drug is used it is directly deposited in the hair from the hair follicle. The body reacts to the drug producing metabolite. It later gets deposited in the hair, as the hair grows the deposited drug keeps a record of the drug for a reasonable period of time. The traces of drugs remain in your hair until you cut it.

The hair follicle drug test can be carried at home also, the result is not guaranteed as some users who have tried it say it is quite accurate but doctors say it is not 100% assured. HAIR CONFIRM & PSYCHEMEDICS are some leading brands available in home hair follicle drug test kit.


Some drugs stay in your body for example marijuana. It remains for more than 5 days in the body after you smoke until you cut your hair. Since the time period is 90 days it can detect when you last smoked the weed. While the hair grows slowly and steadily it needs more blood to grow fast so there are better results in these types of tests.



The hair color is all about the amount of melanin present in the hair. Hair color does not have any impact on the hair follicle drug test result.

The irony is most of the employees does not do the hair follicle drug tests. Neither, they would like to work with the drug abusers. Drug abuse is first a health related problem, not a business or legal issue. If we take the habit of an American worker, it is much clear that substance abuse prevention should be viewed as a common cause for both.  The employer and the employee, Hair follicle drug tests are trustworthy tests, people can rely on these tests and produce a positive result. Keeping in mind the respect to the workplace one should definitely do it to avoid ugly incidents in future which leads to job failure and disappointment.

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