How To Use Kik

If you use a smartphone, then you probably know Kik. It’s a modern messaging or chatting app for the iOS and Android platforms, also available in Windows Phone OS as well. On all these platforms Kik comes for free, thus it’s easy to download this app from the respective app stores and get right into using it. A Kik user can send text as well as media contents like photos, videos, voice clips etc. through a simple and intuitive user interface. After you download and get past through the Kik login page, a world of all these features open up to you.

Start Using Kik

To start using Kik, a smartphone user needs to follow few procedures. There’s nothing much complicated, however a faster internet connection is recommended.


  • Download:

Search for Kik in your respective mobile app store. In Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Windows Phone Store the search will not take long, only a few taps and you should find the app ready for download.

  • Register:

Registering for a Kik account is easy. Once you open the app for the first, there should be a prominent Register button where the user needs to tap. On the following screen, fill up all the fields with necessary personal information and tap on ‘Register’ to open the account.

  • Log In:

Kik login is easy and simple, just enter your username and password that you have created few moments ago. If the credentials you have entered are correct, you will be logged in.

  • Add Contacts:

Users need not to do anything to add the contacts manually, rather the Kik app would automatically detect the Kik users in the phone book of your smartphone and show them on the Kik contact list; just like other chatting programs like WhatsApp or Viber etc.

  • Add More Contacts:


If your smartphone contact list isn’t enough to add Kik contacts, then you might also search in your email contacts by confirming your email address. Once you put your email address in their system, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you have provided.

  • Chatting on Kik:

Sending and receiving messages, adding emoticons to your messages and sending media contents to the other side of a conversation is very easy and almost like any other messenger app available in the app stores.


Using Kik is pretty easy and straightforward, after the initial Kik login stage everything just goes along without issues.

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