Introducing Vaping

Have you noticed a vast majority of people puffing on a small device, much like when they are smoking? This is actually called vaping. It’s an innovation geared to offering smokers an alternative to cigars or cigarettes. You can easily purchase your supply from any local vape pen shop in your area. Most shops carry not only the vape pen but also the e-liquid for the vapor. Throughout the years we have seen countless of people get into smoking and we have also witnessed the harmful effects it has on people. Cancer is probably one of the most notable and it has spurred many efforts all over the world to dissuade people from smoking. You even see cigarettes pack in boxes that show graphic images of what can eventually happen to a smoker (i.e. ruined lungs).

Better Alternative To Cigs

Vaping being a modern invention and somewhat an interesting novelty for smokers has risen to fame. You will find vape pen shops popping in your area and people opting to use it more than cigarettes. It is quite obvious that there is a demand for such with supplies continuously being provided. It has even reach a point where tobacco companies see vaping as a competition to their business. With people becoming more conscious of health issues that may stem from their lifestyle there is a clear clamor for a change in the way they live. Vaping caters to that need. Much of health issues of cigars and cigarettes stem from nicotine. With vapes, there is little to no nicotine content. It’s a great option to ease smokers into quitting smoking cigs. Studies also show that the smoke from vapes does not pose apparent risk to human health.

Enjoy A Flavorful Puff

Vapes also offers various options to users. Unlike cigars or cigarettes, vapes have numerous flavors for e-liquids. There is no limit really to what sort of flavor that could be created. The e-liquid in vapes are made up of two major components. These are vegetable glycerin (most manufacturers use an organic version) and the second component is known as propylene glycol. Propylene glycol may be familiar to most as the main ingredient in asthma inhalers and it is this component that allows vapes to have flavors. Flavorings used are food-grade which can be either natural or artificial depending on the manufacturer. Vape users prefer less to zero nicotine in their e-liquid as it made it more flavorful.

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