Its Time To Cremate Loved Ones With Utmost Privacy And Satisfaction

Singapore has an excellent columbarium where loved ones can be cremated superbly. Mandai columbarium is one Government managed columbarium which is situated inside the Central Catchment Area, the Mandai Columbarium accommodates some 133,000 niches in 8 three-storey blocks. The building is having coliseum like structure, which immediately evokes feeling of respect and reverence. The place is ideal to commemorate, if you want to spend some time with your departed loved member, this place is definitely suitable. The place is away from the hubbub of city life, quite serene and secluded, but the lush greenery would be making you feel superb and comfortable, amidst the lap of nature you wont be needing anything other than this seclusion. From the upper stories of the mandai columbarium you can see and experience the full view of blue Seletar Reservoir waters.


Little specification

The area is highly secured and there is no way one can face any traffic hazard and hassle, one will get 4 service halls, the cremators are high end, wont be taking much time to cremate the body. The moment body turns into ashes, the family members will be handed over the urn. There are chairs and tables, so that one may sit and relax a little, there is elevator to change the floors quickly and one may light up the incense sticks in memory of the loved ones.


There are accessibility of headstones where you can pay your homage , there are provisions to complete all the rituals as well, so the moment you land here, you don’t have to look anywhere else to complete any rite or ritual. You will be going back home with complete ease of mind. However you may feel disturbed as there are monkeys which often bother the visitors so much that they lose patience, however government is trying hard to get rid of this problem as fast as possible.

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