Magento Development For Beginners

With the growth of online business, most companies are getting on the ecommerce bandwagon in a big way.  This has, quite literally, turned the entire world into a marketplace. No longer is one company confined to its immediate vicinity or a particular location to sell its products in. If it has a good clutch of products and solutions, then it can promote them all over the globe. So is there enough technological support to enable this kind of business? Yes, if the business owner chooses to work with Magento. This ecommerce web application goes a long way in simplifying the way a company conducts its business in the online world of shopping. One of the biggest advantages it delivers is the easy management of ecommerce orders.

What is Magento?

Some of the key result areas or key performance areas in the world of ecommerce are user centric. With better management of ecommerce orders, Magento helps the user and the company to

  • Enjoy a richer interface with the website,
  • Navigate the website easily,
  • Keep tabs on account or shopping history,
  • Create extremely detailed invoices and receipts and other major documents needed to complete the shopping process,
  • Enjoy great flexibility in creating invoices with options of multiple or single invoices.
  • Allow the dividing up of order fulfillment for greater ease of operations.

Yet another key point is that Magento enables the completion of payment for the ecommerce through several methods. It provides support for Amazon, PayPal and Google too. In fact, users of the ecommerce website that is supported by Magento can also pay for their purchases with the use of checks. Amazon Checkout and Amazon Simple Pay are both compatible with the développement magento solution. One solution called the Magento Connect also delivers benefits such as advertising analytics, developer tools, blog tools and help in enhancing conversion rates. It also promises an improved social sharing and a reliable method of tracking returns on investment. All of these aspects are indeed important for business owners who want their ecommerce operations to be successful. Magento Connect is a successful extension marketplace.

Magento Development tools:

The solution’s industry partner, GoMage goes a long way in making ecommerce immensely easy. With the GoMage Feed Pro acting as feed manager for Magento, the solution is able to deliver a bagful of benefits to the business owner. The GoMage Feed pro can be deployed in Amazon, eBay and Google Base to name just a few areas. It can also help in uploading images, list of discontinued or unavailable products etc.

Order management becomes vastly easier with the application of Magento for ecommerce. Magento also makes it easier for all sizes of business to avail of their products. Thus, small, medium and large businesses can use Magento to enhance their ecommerce business. One useful aspect of Magento is the possibility of helping customers avail of gift coupons, store credits and both physical and virtual cards. The business owner can also change the way his website handles the different combination of charge and authorization as far as invoices are concerned.

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