Marina One Residences In Singapore

Luxury is often synonymous with comfort and who doesn’t like to indulge in a comfortable lifestyle? Living a fancy life is probably every commoner’s dream but does this dream always have to be an expensive affair? A man’s home speaks volumes about his taste and style which is why there is no better place than our house to start incorporating luxury into our life. But luxury isn’t a necessity and most of us worry about the dent it creates on our wallets, thus refraining from indulging in fancy lifestyles. While this might be the reality in many countries, there are some places which offer a phenomenal cost of living to its citizens and the luxury is top-notch too. One such example is the beautiful city of Singapore; a place that paints a breathtaking picture of development and panache. Right from the layout to the city-planning, every single detail oozes out perfection. So it is not surprising to see that the houses and real estate of Singapore exude the same level of brilliance. And one such example happens to be Marina One Residences, which is situated at the prime location of Singapore called Marina Bay.

Marina Bay, located centrally, is a bay flanked by four planning areas called the Straits View, Marina East, Marina South and Downtown Core.Also adorned by the perimeter of the Central Business District, it is an area bursting with life due to its active participation in housing commercial, residential and entertainment activities. In fact, Marina Bay hosted the World Championship Singapore Grand Prix in 2008 and the event was a major success. Events like the New Year Eve’s Countdown and the National Day Parade have also been celebrated at this prime location with pomp and grandeur. Needless to say, the Marina Bay represents the very heart of Singapore and there is no place better than this to invest in real estate. Being the center of attraction, the houses in this area are nothing short of magic spun by the hands of the architects. Marina One Residences too, falls in this category and I am about to let you in on all the details about this project.

Specializing in luxury condominiums, it is a masterpiece crafted by the creative genius of Christoph Ingenhoven, an architect whose designs epitomize sustainable architecture and development. This project is located at Marina South, which is flourishing in the world of finance and business. Indeed, one couldn’t have chosen a better connected place for a residential project! The type of units available range from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments as well as magnificent penthouses. Some other amenities available include a 50m lap pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, lush green gardens, BBQ terraces, Jacuzzi, fitness centers, a residential lounge and a playground for the tiny tots. If this doesn’t entice you already, there is a gigantic green landscape covering a massive 6000 square meters, which is a perfect relaxation spot for those who like to unwind in the presence of nature. For those who like a touch of modern, there areelevated gardens constructed intermittently, giving rise to a beautiful orchestra of greenery, landscape and architecture. Other features like the tallest Asian ribbon waterfall and a green space larger than a football field make Marina One the ‘New York of Asia.’

Marina One consists of 1042 luxury residences and the eligibility rules to make a purchase is rather relaxed. A buyer can be a local or a foreigner and anyone who is interested can receive an invitation by visiting the official website. In fact, every potential buyer is entitled to a special private viewing and priority booking session which means he/she can choose a unit and book it for a discounted price. Registration is also open at the website, with the help of which one can avail intricate details about the project. In fact, all the contact details are available online, which means that one can view the Marina One Residences Showflat by booking an appointment. And for those who wish to delve into the minute technicalities, the detailed floor plan is also available. Transparency is a policy taken very seriously by the Marina One developers and they certainly live up to it, even when it comes to discussing matters like pricing.

Booking a unit in an abode that epitomizes luxury can be an unfulfilled dream for many but Marina One Residences stands out in this respect. Luxury is served here on a platter at comparatively affordable rates and the locale is well-connected and strategic in terms of business, entertainment and finance. Apart from this, one cannot forget the breathtaking view of the Marina Bay, with the sunset highlighting the blue ripples of water in all its glory. A place that looks too magical to be true, Marina Bay instills pure awe in our minds when festivals and carnivals are hosted and you can get to be a witness to all these with your residence just a stone’s throw away! It is not often that one gets to taste perfection and luxury rolled up in one, in one of the finest countries in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get blown away by this architectural masterpiece. Honored with three awards at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012, these two 34-storey buildings have captivated minds internationally. Incorporating mixed-use architecture and executing it spectacularly in high-rise development is no small feat, but Marina One makes it look like child’s play.

Architecture and civil engineering are fine arts which need intuition and creativity, but if done correctly, the final product which rises above all of us speaks volumes of the legacy that world-class architects have been building brick by brick, for so many decades. And we, as buyers, can only marvel at such structures and grab the opportunity to be a part of it by choosing to make a purchase. Experience Singapore in its truest glory with Marina One Residences, and I promise you that it will be the best investment you will make in years!

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