Pokemon Go Tips For A Great Start

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately you’ve probably heard something about Pokemon Go. If you are like most you’ve probably started playing Pokémon Go already and have had the pleasure of experiencing a different world through the game.The virtual game has allowed the players to experience what it is like to be a Poké trainer or a Pokémaster. As you go along on your own Pokémon adventure there are some Pokemon Go tips that you may need to learn as you go along. These are aimed at helping you make the most of the game and ultimately to have fun.

Know The Terms

An important tip in playing the game is understanding the terms used in Pokémon world. Understanding what are terms like Pokéstops, Gyms, Pokéballs etc. are very important in starting out the game. The game will turn out to be slightly confusing should you not at least have a basic understanding of the terms.

Turn Off The AR Mode

Another tip to remember is to turn off the AR mode. With the AR mode on, the player is able to overlay Pokémon images on to the real world environment the player is in using the camera on the phone. This is probably one of the unique features of the game that makes it rather fun too. But in actuality having the AR mode on makes it slightly more difficult to catch Pokémon. Turn it off and you will have an easier time catching a Pokémon with a Pokéball.

Keep The Game Open

In the game the geographical location of the player is taken into account. But did you know that the distance you have traveled is important too? The more steps you take the more chances you have of more catching a Pokémon in your surroundings. So you must keep the game open. Good luck catching Pokémons!

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