Sims Urban Oasis

Placed between Marina Bay and the city, only a few minutes on foot away from Aljuined MRT, with cute architecture and mountains and the sea perfectly integrated into the natural view in the distance, the great Sims Urban Oasis project has been promised to the residents of Singapore as the futuristic model of a way of living. As a perfect match for the naturalists who are attracted with wildlife beside peace and quietness after the long day in the urban city and for the modern and urban city lovers, this building complex offers an ideal place for living and spending the days.images (4)

Project with 99-year leasehold option, with even 1024 differently sized flats and offices gives the needed comfort in the flats and number of opportunities outside the complex. The designer has imagined a beautiful architecture combined with the green fields and amazing modern ads.

Made for all kind of buyers, from young urban singles to multi-families with small children, the project gives comfort and customized contents for every generation. It will provide peace and calmness in long afternoons after the work in its own garden spa, therapeutic spa jets, ylang-ylang trees, vertical greens and pavilions towards residents with interesting outdoor activities and sports; and modern childcare center for 30-50 children with no options for mixing with other communities and organizations. Passionate buyers will be pleased with a great shopping mall, teenagers with concert halls and movie houses and older people with panoramic roof and the large park on it. After the week, the whole community can relax in the large swimming pool and the club in the center of the complex.images (5)

Even though the complex offers more than 1000 completely different flats and natural surrounding with wide range of outdoor activities for all generations, the plan with the new 100,000 square feet and 202-room luxury business hotel with park surrounded by the beautiful Alkaff Lake can imagine only the visionaires who know the value of linking the private life with the business space.

Finally, the wide price range from small flat for singles to large spaces with five bedrooms will be personalized for every buyer.

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