Soccer: It’s More Than Just A Game. It’s An Emotion

Soccer or Football, whatever the name may be, it’s more than just a game. It isn’t just a sport, for some a soccer match is equivalent to life or death. Brazilian scholars describe soccer as “the secular religion of this era with all its myths, rules, and received heroes.” Discover more about Soccer here!

Birth of Soccer:

Soccer is the most popular sport in Europe and Americas. There are so many fans throughout this world who will bleed for soccer or otherwise known as football. Not everyone knows the birth of football. Back in the early 1800s, there was a punishment for those who committed crimes of theft which resulted in their hands being cut off. They wanted a sport that they can play with using only their feet. This is where the birth of the traditional game took place.

Facts you didn’t know:

The one thing that not all soccer fans know is that the original name of soccer was Basketball because the first goals that used were overturned wicker baskets. These days trophies are made of precious metals such as gold, but there was once a time when trophies were made of papier-mâché, which unfortunately had to be replaced after the heavy rains of the 1950 World Cup. Soccer balls aren’t perfectly spherical; they have a slightly oval shape, but the illusion of a sphere is created due to the checkered pattern. Although now everyone can play soccer anywhere, you might be surprised to hear that soccer was once banned in Mississippi till 1991.

Top 5 Legends of all time:

In the world of football, these names are heard in every nook and cranny. These are not heroes, martyrs or gods, but legends. Legends who have taken their place in the heart of every football fan out there.

  1. Pele: Pele, the only player who inspired his country to win the world cup twice, once in 1958 and 1970. He is the greatest player of all time who plays his role very comfortably.
  2. Diego Maradona: There may be many legends out there who have led their teams to victory, but no one can claim to have done this in the way Diego did, he single-handedly did that in 1986, by scoring five goals and five assists in all of the seven games.
  3. Johann Cruyff: Johann was a remarkable player, when you think about it, he was more of a leader on the pitch rather than a player of the team. He was extremely skillful and was a great thinker about the game. He associated his coach Rinus Michels and developed the Total Football System.
  4. Franz Beckenbauer: No one has ever got more success for both country and club than him. He won three back to back European cups from 1974-76 for Bayern Munich. He won the world cup for his country.
  5. Lionel Messi: The player of today, the now! The player that sets the hearts of young people on fire. The star of the Barcelona team all the way from 2000. The creative forward who can score goals out of nowhere.

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