The Future Of Gaming

20 years ago , children used to force their parents to allow them to go outside , to meet their friends and socialize , cycle , play games . They used to cry , beat the floor and do all kinds of drama just to be allowed outside for some activity . Sneaking out to play a game of basketball or football was the most fun moment of our lives, but nowadays due to the advent of computers , smart phones , tablets , video games , children prefer staying at home infront of their screens and playing their competitive online and offline games and trying to build their credibility on social network . This is affecting their body and brain .

Studies have shown that using the social media can be bad for the brain. It makes a person dull and the person is unable to live without them for even a short period of time. This can be particularly more dangerous for a growing child , who’s brain is developing . It can decrease the level of growth in a child and make the child slow and lead to a lot of psychological problems . Not getting involved in physical activities and only staying in a closed room leads to a lot of health problems .

It makes a person unfit and leads to his muscles and bones getting weak. The reflexes and co-ordination of a child is not up-to the mark due to lack of sports . This leads to the child being obese . Obesity leads to heart diseases , type II diabetes , osteoporosis , high blood pressure and many other diseases. Studies have shown that in the last 30 years the number of obese people between the age group 6-19 has increased by 12% . 19% of the Australian kids population are obese . In the year 2014, 87% of kids between 6-10 years were exposed to computers and 96% kids between 11-15 years were exposed to computers . With this outbreak of technology , something needs to be done as the mental and physical health of our children is depleting .

Sometimes the solution is found in the problem itself . So out came a brand called Wii which was the first gaming console which didn’t require any buttons but instead worked on the movements of the player . The gaming console needed a camera which would scan your entire room’s background and it would trace your pressure points . For example if you are playing tennis , all you need to do is carry a motion stick in your hand which will do the work of the racket and the player is going to run and move and take shots exactly how you are doing in the real world , duplicating you in the game.  Wii became the rage and this was followed by Kinect XBOX 360 and PlayStation Move which were both active gaming consoles .

Active gaming took the world by storm . All you need is some space in your house so that there is enough area in the room for you to move and so that you don’t hit your friend while playing. This is so good as children are getting to exercise together in their homes , something which is nowadays called as exergaming . Children get their needed exercise and they want to do it . Children find it extremely fun and exciting and the best part is their parents can join them . Even people who shy away from track and field can play some of those games on their favored console . Anyone can play the unblocked games at anytime and during any kind of weather.

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