Time For Mindfulness Meditation

Time is changing, from nothing alike a phones to smart phones, from bullock carts to mustangs(Ford) and from survival to leisure. Our life , now appears to be so easy, relaxed  and pleasurable but that is not the entire truth just like on the theatre, whatever is going on, on the stage is completely different from what is happening behind the stage.

Things going on, in the backstage are the reality and the rest in just a fassad, an illusion. Behind all the physical ease and glamour there lies ever increasing mental and emotional stress, I will not lie about the mental emotional stress, these two have been present, ever since we humans, decided to live together. The feelings, the problem have not eased up even a bit, but with the ever increasing connectivity and the world coming closer, things get pretty hard. The people of older generations, were of strong will, determined and strong character, they believed if there was a problem, there will be a way of resolving it.

Like I said time is changing and so are the beliefs of masses. Where people survive in the roughest of terrains, children are committing suicide over mare reasons such as failing exams, problem in their relationships and not getting a job. I do not suppose these things are worth one’s life. Who to blame? Children, I do not think so, us, maybe I cannot pin point one or any certain reason because there is not a single one. A lot of reasons combined together can be held responsible for the emotional disaster that society is in today.

Solutions, I do not know about it but there are few methods to help us handle and one of them would be practicing meditation. Meditation is a state of mind, in which our body is released, and minds focused on something whether it be religious enchantments, breathing or an image in your mind. There are many types of meditation categorized by where you meditate, when you meditate, what do you focus on, so there are quite a few for now let discuss about the mindfulness meditation. It is one of the most popular forms of meditation. Many people cultivating the habit of mindfulness is the key to overcoming suffering and recognizing natural wisdom.

Mindfulness meditation can be said to be unique in its own way, if motive is not to change but help us realize the true nature of things. By practicing the mindfulness meditation we became more aware of ourselves in that current moment this practice also teach us how to deal with unnecessary pain and suffering and help us being simply alive.

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