Voice Over Internet Protocol (Volp)- All You Need To Know

Volp is another addition to the marvel of technology. If you are new to this concept, you will probably never go back to your old way of making long distance calls. Popularly called Volp, voice over internet protocol is a method via which analog audio signals(the regular call messages that we hear on the phones) are received and then changed into digital signals or data that can be further transmitted over the internet.

Benefit of Volp

The Volp system can be used to make a standard internet connection, a mode of making free phone calls. The virtual benefit of voice over internet protocol is that by using a VoIP phones software for making internet calls, we completely overcome the charges of a phone company.


How to use it?

To be able to benefit from this system, you must look for a free Volp software which is easily available on the internet. You need to download it and install it. All of this will take around five minutes. You must also ask the person whom you wish to make a call to, to follow the same steps of downloading and setting up the Volp software. Once both of you have the setup, you can enjoy unlimited phone calls that are free.

There are different ways of making use of Volp service-

  1. ATA- The most common way of using a Volp service is by using a device called ATA or analog telephone adaptor. By this, you can connect your standard phone to a computer with internet connection to be used with Volp. The ATA converts the analog signals from the phone to digital data to be transmitted further on the internet.
  2. IP Phones- IP phones can be directly connected to a router and can be used to take any IP calls. Wi-Fi phones allow the callers to make the use of Volp system from any Wi-Fi hot spot.
  3. Computer to Computer- The most uncomplicated and easiest way to use the Volp system. You will need-


  • A free Volp software
  • A Microphone
  • A sound card
  • An internet connection

A fast internet connection is suggested for this system. Apart from a nominal ISP fee, there is no additional cost to be borne in case of computer to computer calls, whatever the distance be.

Volp phones are the future that might soon replace the traditional phones completely.

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