Website Builder: Easiest way to build your Website

Website, this term has become so common now-a-days. With the popularity of Internet, this term also became popular. In this era, everything is available on Internet. From a tiny pin to the car, from a hair clip to the stilettos, Internet is offering you all these and with lots of varieties. More and more people are switching to websites to purchase things and also for selling things.

Website has become a great medium to sell things. More and more people are making their business online now and are focussing to promote their product through online advertising. Also, many people are turning towards making their own website to promote their products. So in all, website making is becoming very common today and also very important to sustain in this competitive Websites are not easy to make. People hire different development companies to make websites, which is quite costly. You can hire a website developer but then again you need to pay him/her which can turn out expensive. You can go with those two options if money is not a problem with you. But if you don’t want to spend much on the creation of Website, then there is Website Builder for

Website Builders are basically the tools that are provided to construct the website. You don’t need to code manually. If you are making a website, Code will be provided to you. You just need to make changes in that. In short, there is no requirement of technical knowledge to create a website with a web Builder.

Basically there are two types of Website builders: Online Website Builders and offline Website builders.

Online website Builders includes sign up with the web hosting company. They are purely web Based website that are made to run on the standard browsers like Firefox or Chrome. They can be made quickly and are very much user friendly. When you sign up for these types of builders, you may need to pay for the services you need. Commonly to construct the website, a template is provided. Its advantages are:

  • You can access it from anywhere.
  • No setup or any software installation is required
  • Neither is there a need to purchase any software.
  • Maximum times, web hosting is provided by the Website builders only. This saves lot of time and money.

If you want your own design or want to develop very specific type of design, then you should go for Offline Website builders. To deal with them, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. Also they can be more expensive, however there are many open source offline website builders available today, from where you can download them for free. The biggest advantage of using Offline Website services is the flexibility they provide. Apart from flexibility, another good thing about offline Website Builder is its offline features. You can work on your website even if you don’t have a net connection on your device.

Best Online website Builder providers are:

  • WIX: It’s a drag and drop online website Builder provider. You can create a stunning website with simply dragging the required things. Its main features are large App market, mobile friendly layout etc.
  • Weebly: This Online website Builder provider provides templates that are very user friendly as well as very easy to handle. Another feather in their hat is the prices. This provider is very economical.
  • WordPress: Php based open sourced website Builder, WordPress is very popular on Internet, due to its open source nature.

Best Offline Website Builder providers are:

  • Website X5
  • Adobe Muse

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