What You Need To Know About The My Second Card Program

The thing about credit cards is that it makes it very easy to purchase items or pay bills and necessities without having to worry about running out of money. Simply pay it off on the deadline with an interest. This is best for those who budget their expenses and for those who need a card for emergencies and in cases where their paycheck hasn’t been released on time, or unexpected bills arrive without notice. That way, you will not have to scramble unprepared and look for a loan or ask from loved ones for some financial support, which may take a lot of time and effort.

Another benefit with credit cards is that they have a point system where you can actually score rewards and discounts each time you use it. So not only can you use these credit cards to purchase and pay your bills, you can also reap some benefits out of it and use it for sales as well. But sometimes you can’t just have one credit card and a second one is needed in case of emergencies. That is why if you are with First Premier Bank, you can avail of their My Second Card program.

First Premier Bank is the nation’s 12th largest issuer of credit cards, working with premier Bankcard for those who would like to restore their credit. Now, the bank has this program for those who are interested in availing a second credit card for user’s consumption. Why choose the same bank? Because if you have a good credit rating with First Premier Bank on your first card, then all you will need to do is submit an application form and you will be automatically accepted. There’s no need for a long process or scrambling to look for your requirements anymore.

Of course, it has its some terms and conditions you must be able to meet, such as:

  • Apply before the expiration date with the same information from your first card
  • You must have the sufficient income that can pay for the spending obligations (Minimum is at least $10,000)
  • You must have a good rating score with your first card and with the bank
  • You should not have a second account or pending applications, this includes having an account with My Second Card program already
  • Your first account should not be in default

These terms are needed for the bank to also create a profit and good business standing, as they cannot just give credit cards to anyone with bad credit ratings. Once you meet these terms, you will be able to qualify for the program and automatically be accepted to get your second credit card. Now, there is no need to worry about finances with the help of First Premier Bank. You can easily obtain one by visiting any branch near you, or you can check for the steps online on how to obtain an application form.

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