Yamaha Motorcross Graphics Kit

If you own a dirt bike, you probably want a set of Yamaha graphics for your motorbike. Dirt bikes typically come in flashy colors and attractive graphics wraps, but they might get faded away after few extensive sessions of riding through dirt and mud, and you would end up needing a new set. If you are considering a new set of graphics kit for your motorbike, then Yamaha graphics is one of the brands among the top tier ones. Make sure you have a motorbike with the following qualities in the first place –

  • Agile chassis, sturdy and rider friendly.
  • A surface where motorcross graphics could be applied at ease.
  • The frame should be made of lightweight aluminum for best sporty performance.

Why Choose Yamaha Graphics Kit?


Out of plenty of brands for dirt bike graphics, why should you stick to Yamaha?

Apparently, every dirt bike owner knows the answer already. Not only the Yamaha motorbikes have superior quality but their decals too. These products don’t get washed off very easily, the color stays accurate for a longer period of time and these products might come with a specific time of guarantee to serve the best value for your money. You could have specialized decals and graphics kit for your motorbike if you have a preference for that. Yamaha graphics kits are available throughout a good number of dirt bike service outlets, even your nearest store probably have few! If you want, you could order online as well for more personalized options.

Do you want to install Yamaha Graphics on your own?

Many dirt bike owners doing modifications to their bike’s outlook on their own instead of opting for some third party service.

There are few basic rules if you want to install Yamaha graphics on your dirt bike by yourself.


  • Prepare the bike’s surface first. If you have a previous sticker installed, peel it off using warm water and any other liquid solution made for this purpose. Using steam will make the whole process lot easier.
  • Take the individual parts of the decals, peel off the backs and apply carefully over your motorbike surface.
  • After application of each individual parts, allow some time for the parts to settle down. Don’t take the bike out within 48 hours of application, and carefully ride in dry places the first week afterwards.


Motorcross graphic kits bring a sporty vibe to any dirt bike events, and Yamaha graphics kit only makes the visul appearance much better.

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